Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Once Mighty Reuters Shy of Climate Change

If fear is the unsaid driving force, then denial is its mask of ignorance.

We must ask why the reporting of Earth's collapsing climate has become so burdensome to our media.
In Reuters case the most important subject in human history is no longer being passed on to the reader. 
 David Fogarty, once Reuters climate reporter, tells us in his piece in The Baron, "From very early in 2012, I was repeatedly told that climate and environment stories were no longer a top priority for Reuters...". He says more in the article.
 This is a dark and cold commentary on a major news outlet's complicity in the withholding of information vital to the survival  its readership.
It's a known that the primary cause of climate change is caused by polluted air, just as it is known that air pollution kills millions of humans -- as this " 2 Million Deaths Yearly Worldwide Linked with Air Pollution" report tries to quantify for us.

Smog Lisa in California


  1. Thanks for linking to that Reuters story. The world is going insane.

    1. Yes, many news for profit agencies like Reuters and the New York Times tend to avoid voicing unmarketable bad news to a docile public whose very actions may be a cause of this bad news -- no matter how tragic the outcome may be to all. It's like a mutual insanity clause is in effect.