Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Climate Change the Biggest Story in All of Human Existence But Doesn't Make the Front Page

Climate change is the most pressing issue ever to face humanity.  Our very existence is threatened yet you don't see it on the front page of your newspaper, and it is not mentioned on your television newscast.
The United States of America had a presidential election in 2012, yet no mention of climactic disaster was spoken of in the debates. The internet does keep the chatter of the horrors of a climate collapse but more is needed if the general public is to be engaged before absolute panic takes over.

Our Future is in Our Hands  

Climate collapse is the only possible outcome of our filling Earth's atmosphere with carbon and fossil fuel pollutants. This is an absolute and foreseeable certainty that could and should and could have been forecast and  modeled by every government, or private think tank, in the world.
There must be reams, and gigabytes of assembled data in existence that would shame our leaders, and stop the suicidally insane denying that gets much attention these days. This data must see the light of day before an eternal dark night becomes our present and our future.

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