Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Climate Leaks Wish List

Ways and Reasons to Engage
Considering that Earth’s atmosphere is a closed system surrounding us, and that we actively and knowingly pump fossil fuel pollution into this closed system, then there must be a trove of government, scientific, or educational data projecting with certainty the eventual dysfunction of the atmosphere.
The life sustaining volume of air is being displaced by toxic gases and particulate.
This is an absolute, and one that certainly has been modeled, graphed, or calculated by others.

How can such a catastrophe develop? Look no further than a culture that allows its citizens to put its vehicle’s engine exhaust pipes at the far rear of their vehicle so that everyone but them has to breathe the toxic engine emissions.
Those same citizens often know, and caution one another not to run their engines in an enclosed space, such as a garage with the door closed, but they choose to ignore the fact that Earth’s atmosphere is also an enclosed space that receives the emissions of these engines.
Consider, the mountains and valleys of coal that are burned, and the many reasons it is burned. How much is actually necessary for the health of societies, versus what is burned for profit, vanity, or convenience?
These same questions must be asked of fossil fuels burned for shipping, air travel, and recreation.
Since we profess civility, and orderly forms of government, let us ask our leaders and their advisors what modes they have planned for dealing with a society coping with a climate catastrophe.

#1: What are the official protocols for informing the public that the climate will no longer be able to sustain us?

#2: What official mandate, keeps them from sounding an alarm of criticality?

#3: What sort of message do our leaders have prepared to tell their own families of the dire nature of a collapsing climate?

#4: How many leaders will take responsibility for the actions on inactions? Will some of them take the suicide route of escape? There will be no safe havens.

#5: Will the citizenry call a halt to climate collapse? Will they modify their own polluting behavior enough to stop or slow collapse? Will they petition their government and demand steps be taken before it’s too late?

#6: Where are the voices and energies of the medical professions, the religions, the educated, etc.?

These are a few questions that need to be asked, and may help us have a future.

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    Excellent work and I'll engage more in it thanks to your efforts.

  2. I couldn't agree more, DT. Engagement is needed now more than ever. Keep up the great work, my friend.